The One Known As Ace                                                        Toka-Ace

The One Known As Ace  Toka-Ace

The One Known As Ace by Tahir K. Cooksey follows a young man named Troy Haden who loses his foster mother, Beatrice Weatherbee in a house fire. Upon her death, Troy learns that Beatrice was once a scientist for a terrorist organization called Tovlin. Beatrice betrayed the organziation twelve years ago. It was a move that she hoped would put an end to the evil practices of the organization. Before she died, Beatrice heard stirrings and rumors that Tovlin had been quietly re-forming. Now Troy must use a power that has been dormant within him to hunt down this new branch of Tovlin before they could get to him first.

Hello and welcome everyone. My name is Tahir K. Cooksey and I am the author of The One Known As Ace. I hope that you have as much fun reading as I did writing. But don't think that I'm stopping here. Troy's adventures are just beginning. Be sure to explore this sight and read previews for up coming books as well as my blog section, where I will be updating at least once a week. The One Known As Ace is the first book I have ever written.

T.O.K.A.-Ace actually began life as a side project. In high school I had a comic strip that I worked on. One day I got the idea to have me and my close friends as superheroes. From there I got the itch to develop a real superhero and send him on real adventures.